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SEO Services offered by Cross Media Pros for Search Engine Optimization to get your website ranked higher on the search engines.

Cross Media Pros SEO - SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION SERVICES can help your new or existing website get ranked higher in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo through our (SEO) search engine optimization services.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s "natural” or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic"), search results.

Every business should make Search Engine Optimization - Getting your website ranked higher with the search engines - an important part of your growth strategy.

SEO Services basically means finding ways to increase your site's performance in web vistors search results.  That usually means more traffic to your site.

While SEO Services can be quite complicated to understand the Pros' at Cross Media have spent years understanding just how the process works and more importantly how to get RESULTS.


Cross Media Pros can analzye your site, while coming up with the necessary tools and strategy to get your site ranked higher by Monitoring where you are at currently in the Rankings, then by creating "KEYWORD DRIVEN TEXTUAL CONTENT" and other SEO techniques like creating, links back to your site, a site map, search-friendly URL's, image descriptions, and other secret html programming language that we have learned over the years, that make our SEO Services work for our customers, just look at what we were able to do for our customers to increase their business.  Want to talk to our customer and see for yourself, call us and we will put you in touch with other customers that are already enjoying the benefits for our SEO System, ........

Cross Media Pros knows the importance of developing the correct textual content for your website to be indexed higher in search engines, among other things you need to do, it’s necessary to use the correct words and phrases throughout.  In addition, it’s necessary to have the correct number of words per page. 

Our proven search engine success with clients will allow us to construct your word content to be effective and get results.  Cross Media Pros also offers web clients the ability to be search engine ready in individual cities and markets.  This way your business or organization can be found by more prospects in a larger geographical area. 


Check out our designs for your new website and build your new website today. We have a website content management system that is as easy as point and click to add photo, text and just about any other media you can do yourself. Do you need to be listed high on Google and other search engines, then call us today to find out how we can help. Writing your textual content can be a very important step in conveying your message to your customers, make sure you have the right message to attract customers. We can host your website for you with the most advance server technology available. Check out our Website Portfolio and explore why customers are getting their website designed by professionals. Learn how to use Social Media Marketing to increase your customers base.
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  Cross Media Pros  -  (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Packages

Okay so You've been asking for it, so here it is...
  Cross Media Pros Now offers Search Engine Optimization Services

We will create a new website that links into your current website.  If you don't have a website, then we add the pages to the new website.  There will be (depending on the package you choose) 100-500 pages that will have Keyword Rich Content written specifically about each keyword you want to be found under and in the city you want to be found in.

We are able to get you listed on the first page of Google and other search engines with confidence or we wouldn't be offering it to you. In many cases we're getting our customers to the #1 position (and in some cases additional places on the first page as well), but the results vary from city to city and from keyword to keyword. It's a month to month contract and can be cancelled at any time so there's no long term agreement.

The Secondary Website URL is something that utilizes major keywords in it which helps boost your number of successful keywords. It can be long but not too long.

*SEO means Search Engine Optimization


Package "A" Package "B" Package "C"

Number of Keywords

100 200 500
Initial Setup Charge: $595 $695 $795
Monthly Payment: $95 p/m $149 p/m $195 p/m




Search Engines usually take up to 3 weeks to recognize any changes.      

How it Works...

Example of keyword List:
17 Keywords x 6 Cities = 102 keywords

Keyword Examples of 4 Keywords: landscaper, landscape company, landscape services, mowing services
4 City Examples: Grand Terrace, Colton, Riverside, Fontana

Resulting in a keyword list like this (16 total keywords):
landscaper grand terrace, landscape company grand terrace, landscape services grand terrace, mowing services grand terrace
landscaper colton, landscape company colton, landscape services colton, mowing services colton
landscaper riverside, landscape company riverside, landscape services riverside, mowing services riverside
landscaper fontana, landscape company fontana, landscape services fontana, mowing services fontana

As you can see it is a very effective way to ensure you are covered in all the services you offer
as well as in every city you want to be found in.

There are two things this does for you:

1. It gets the pages we create in the new website to be found on the first page of Google.

2. It increases your ranking because ALL these pages link into your website, increasing the inbound links to your site making Google and other search engines see the value of your main website.


For the record, our guarantee is for approximately 10% of the customer pages/keywords will be found on the first page of google searches.



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