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Website Content Management System

Content Management System designed to make editing your website simple with all the control to add more as you build your new website:

Management tools for managing your website with video tutorials to show you how.


After we have helped you build the foundation of your website (aka: the main structure/template of your Website), and get you started with the content and graphics that’s going to go into your website, you as the owner of your website can grow it as big as you want it to be.  Today, you want to add a new page to your website, add graphics, text, forms, or the other easy to add features, like a web video or change the text in your flash animated header, it’s as easy with our CMS Content Management System as a click of a button or a couple of easy steps we show you how to do it using our Video Tutorials.  It’s just that easy.

Features Included in our CMS:Management tools for managing your website with video tutorials to show you how.

  • Create/Delete/Modify Content, including Links, Photos, Text and even add YouTube videos.
  • UNLIMITED PAGES! The site owner has the ability to add as many pages as they want.
  • UNLIMITED IMAGES! The site owner has the ability to add as many images as they need.
  • The site owner has the ability to Create/Delete/Modify unlimited Custom Forms for visitors to be
    able to fill out and submit a comment to the site owner or ask a question about their products or services.
  • Ability to hide pages and even set links to other websites.
  • Edit your website from any browser, any time, on any computer that has a browser and an internet connection!
  • A Google Map can be added if your business has a retail/walk-in location.



Check out our designs for your new website and build your new website today. We have a website content management system that is as easy as point and click to add photo, text and just about any other media you can do yourself. Do you need to be listed high on Google and other search engines, then call us today to find out how we can help. Writing your textual content can be a very important step in conveying your message to your customers, make sure you have the right message to attract customers. We can host your website for you with the most advance server technology available. Check out our Website Portfolio and explore why customers are getting their website designed by professionals. Learn how to use Social Media Marketing to increase your customers base.
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Getting Started with CuBit

Information about cubit

We recommend using FireFox for editing your site, not Internet Explorer because Internet Explorer doesn't maintain the HTML standards causing various features to not work correctly. Download Firefox for free now, it's a MUCH safer and faster browser anyway: 

Here's a look at the toolbar once you get logged in 


1. Never paste anything directly into the website, always use the Paste from Word button (see screen shot above).
2. Always Archive (backup) your page before you start editing, just in case you need to restore from the archive.



Cubit Video - Introduction to Cubit Cubit Video - Introduction - How to Edit Your Page
Click on the Image Above to View Video Click on the Image Above to View Video



The following Video Tutorials are for our clients that have the Self Editing Content Management System called "CuBit". If you do not have the Self Editing System, you can contact us and get your website upgraded. (877) 313-1715

*Please Note: This particular video tutorial was made using CuBit version 1.0.14c

Not all the features shown in this tutorial are necessarily in your version of CuBit.
Click here to find out how to see which version you have. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade.

Tutorial 1 - Basic Text Editing   *Made using CuBit version 1.0.14c
This tutorial shows you how to go in and edit your website's text by adjusting the boldness, italics, font, font color, and font size. This tutorial also shows you how to go about checking your website after the changes to verify it looks the way you want it to and that your changes were saved correctly.  

Tutorial 2 - Working with Images    *Made using CuBit version 1.0.14c
This tutorial shows you how to Upload an image (photograph), resize it and rename it in the editor. It also shows you how to insert the image or logo into your website and format text to go around it. Including Left and right justification so your image or logo can be placed where you want it in the content.

Tutorial 3 - Working with PDF files and Setting Links   *Made using CuBit version 1.0.14c
This tutorial shows you how to upload a PDF Document and create both a Text Link to the file and a Graphic or Image Link to the file. Also how to make that file open in a separate window so your visitor doesn't leave your website after closing that page.

Tutorial 4 - Creating and Renaming Pages    *Made using CuBit version 1.0.14c
This tutorial shows you how to create a new page as well as rename an existing page. You will also learn how to change the order the buttons (or pages) appear in the main menu.

Tutorial 5 - Creating Rollover Buttons    *Made using CuBit version 1.0.14c
This tutorial shows you how to create a Rollover (or Image Swap) effect on a button. This effect can be used also in a "Before and After" photo if you want to give the visitor a more interactive experience.

Tutorial 6 - Creating Links in the Main Menu and Sub-pages   *Made using CuBit version 1.0.14c
This tutorial shows you how to create main menu links, hide pages so they do not appear in the main menu and creating sub-pages that will only be accessible through a specific page within your website.

**Please note: You can setup DIFFERENT keywords and Page Descriptions for Each Page of your website. Search engines actually prefer it.

Tutorial 8 - Creating a Quick Gallery    *Made using CuBit version 1.0.17
This tutorial shows you how to create a gallery with click to enlarge images. Basically you upload all the images you want to appear in this gallery into a special folder on your website and then copy the code found on this page: Cubit Tools (click here) then paste that code into your content area and presto!

Tutorial 9 - Working with Tables and Cells    *Made using CuBit version 1.0.17
This tutorial shows you how to arrange your content using tables and cells. (Much like those in Microsoft Word)

Also, for your convenience, we're created some table templates for you and placed them in our CuBit Tools page: Cubit Tools (click here)

Tutorial 10 - Creating and Editing Forms   *Made using CuBit version 1.0.17
This tutorial will show you how to create and modify an existing Contact Form. We've made the form building process a piece of cake.

Tutorial 11 - Inserting a Youtube Video   *Made using CuBit version 1.0.17
Ok, YouTube does most of the work for you, all you need to do is copy the code and insert it into the HTML of your page. Please be careful though, if you don't follow our instructions to the letter (pun intended) you may break your page.

Tutorial 12 - Editing Your Calendar of Events   *Made using CuBit version 1.0.17
Most people just build a vertical list of events with the month in bold but if you really want to have a calendar styled table, here it is! You'll need the following calendar template though: Cubit Tools (click here)

Tutorial 13 - Creating and Modifying your PayPal Buttons   *Made using CuBit version 1.0.17
FINALLY! Now you can build a complete shopping cart/store on your Cubit site! This is an upgrade but well worth it! Contact your salesperson today to upgrade and start building your shopping cart today!  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Creating a Splash Page (or simple introduction page with no menu):
1. Create a new page.
2. Set the template to 'blank'.
(if you do not have a Blank template available, let us know and we will install it for you at no charge)
3. Create your content for the intro page (or upload an image/Flash file to use).
4. Save
5. Click the Home Icon in the main CuBit page (little house icon on the right side).
6. Set your 'Enter' link on that page to go to Page 1 (?1) which is your home page.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When inserting Video or files on your website you can use any of the following file formats: .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .swf, .mov, .avi, .mpg, .flv, .pdf, .zip

More Tutorials are in the works...

Cubit Tools (click here)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

CuBit 1.0.18b is now available for upgrade!
The upgrade gives you the following features:

  • Archive Button - Allows you to save a "per page" backup version and gives you the ability to restore from that backup if you need to.

  • Preferences Section - Allows you to change the site name (found in the page title), take the site offline for maintenance temporarily and even give a message on the coming soon page. Additionally the preferences page has the ability to change the password and if you have different templates designed and installed, you can set different templates for different pages. Also included in the Preferences section is the ability to set the Global Meta Tags (Meta keywords and Meta Description) which will be used if you do not set them on a per page basis.

  • PayPal Advanced Add to Cart Button Generator (additional 1-time charge) - Allows you to create PayPal Add to cart buttons that will give you the ability to have dropdown options that will also let you have variations in pricing. See this site for an example of what the end result is:

  • CuBit Sessions Adjustment - Allows you to set the number of minutes the server will leave you connected. The Session is limited to keep security to a maximum on the server.

  • Save and Apply Buttons - Now you can Save and close the page where CuBit takes you back to the Main Page list to choose another page to edit or you can just click the Apply button and stay on the page and continue to edit the page.

  • Create Thumbnails - Allows for adding 'Click-to-Enlarge' photos with ease. (just insert the full size image and then click the Create Thumbnail Button and choose the Thumbnail size.

  • Improved Form Builder now with 'CAPTCHA' - Added functionality to make the FormBuilder more user-friendly as well as protection from Spambots that submit spam to the site Admin through the form. This feature requires the visitor to type in four characters that they see on the screen. Most CAPTCHAs are very difficult to read and do nothing more than block the visitor from being able to actually submit the form. CuBit's CAPTCHA is much more user-friendly. Anyone can see the font because it's large enough and colorful enough to grab your eye and most importantly the visitor can very clearly read the letters making it easy to submit the form. This is a feature that can also be turned off if preferred.

  • More advanced Table Functionality - Tables are a web designers biggest headache. The more advanced functionality of Tables in CuBit allows you to control more of the settings for tables. Tables still have a little bit of a learning curve but will ultimately give you a better looking, more organized website.

  • Various Bug fixes - As with any software, new versions come out with not only upgrades but system improvements after additional testing and usage is done while the software gets used in the real world. As CuBit matures, it will improve and with each new version more and more is perfected.

Aside from all these newly added features, if we ever have to edit your website it would be a little less expensive because we also will be saving time by utilizing some of these tools.

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