Cross Media Pros will have your website up and running in no time. Your Website Up and Running Immediately!
Cross Media Pro has no hassle free website contracts to sign for your website. No Contracts! Cancel at any time.
Cross Media Pros offers a free on-line website editor so you can edit your website anywhere. Easy to use Online Editor*
The ability to edit the website from any computer without the need to install or learn any web design programs.
Search Engine tool. Search Engine Optimization Tools*
See for yourself: Google "banners pensacola" and see our customer on the FIRST PAGE!

Toll FreeTech Support & Video Tutorials
Including Video Tutorials on how to use the online editor
Your website has unlimited page generation, just click a button and you can start adding pages to your website. Unlimited Pages*
The ability to add unlimited pages yourself with the click of a button!
Add unlimited Photo galleries to your website for free. Unlimited Galleries*
The ability to add unlimited galleries yourself
Add unlimited forms to your website for free. Unlimited Forms*
The ability to add unlimited forms yourself, complete with all the major elements: Dropdowns, checkboxes, text fields, large text areas, etc.
Your website will have animated text messages. Flash Animated Message in the Header* [Example]
some templates have a flash animated footer as well.
See Demos for live examples.

Additional Features:
(These are included with your monthly hosting account)

Archive Feature
Save an archive/backup of each page that you can revert back to if you need it. This is great for special events or special offers when you want to quickly revert back to a previous page's content.

Offline Mode
Take your website offline for a short period of time just by the clickof a button. You can even set a custom message that will be displayed while it's offline.

Hidden Pages
Create pages that you can set as hidden so you can send a private order form or private page for a specific customer to see. A common usage for this kind of page is a proof or a special order form/page for a certain customer.

Create Thumbnails
Allows for adding 'Click-to-Enlarge' photos with ease. Just insert the full size image and then click the Create Thumbnail Button and choose the Thumbnail size. It's THAT easy!

CAPTCHA (Spam Protection for your contact form)
Protection from Spambots that submit spam to the site Admin through all of your contact forms. This feature requires the visitor to type in four characters that they see on the screen. Most CAPTCHAs are very difficult to read and do nothing more than block the visitor from being able to actually submit the form. CuBit's CAPTCHA is much more user-friendly. Anyone can see the font because it's large enough and colorful enough to grab your eye and most importantly the visitor can very clearly read the letters making it easy to submit the form. This is a feature that can also be turned off if preferred.

*The benefits of some of these special features require hosting with us. 
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