Why do I need Hosting?

Hosting is the storage and maintenance of all the software files that makes up your website. Every website on the internet is hosted somewhere. It's kind of like having a TV, you will need to have a place to put it and electricity running to it in order to watch it.

Do I have to host my website with Cross Media Pros?

No, but most people choose to host with us simply because of how fast and efficient our CMS is to use and how inexpensive the updates are if you choose to pay us to update your website for you.

Example Update:
   • Add some photos to the gallery or existing pages.
   • Change some text on a couple of pages.
   • Add 2-3 questions to the contact form.

Price with an HTML website hosted on your own server: $130
Price with our CMS: $35  (OR, do it yourself fast and easy for FREE!)

If you need us to install and configure your website on your own server (separately hosted account) we will need to build your website in basic HTML instead of our dynamic CMS (editable) HTML, and that is extra work ending in an additional 50% setup charge above the package price. In addition to that, there’s an additional $150 charge to upload and configure the website to meet your server’s specifications.

We have had to "Repair" websites that were hosted on another server that were "Updated" and the update "Broke" portions of the code on their website. In the process of fixing the broken code, we had to charge for the time and it ended up costing $230 to correct the problem caused by a careless change to the hosting company's server. We do not make these careless changes to the server without considering the ramifications and make necessary modifications to the website or our update before hand, resulting in no down time or any "Broken" websites.