MP3 Player available as an Upgrade Option

MP3 Player for all your MP3 filesMP3 Player Module $55

Add a Playlist of MP3 Audio files to your website with our incredibly easy to use and update MP3 Player module. You can use this for How-to Messages, Music Samples, Downloadable Songs you want to give away for free. Us it for your Lesson Plans, Sermons, Education or whatever you want to use MP3 files for on your website.

This module is easy to use, all you do is name your mp3 file and upload the file or files to the MP3 folder in your website and the MP3 Player automatically puts the list in order of latest uploaded files on top, so you can have a chronological list of latest to earliest recordings. It also displays the item name as whatever you named your file, so it couldn’t be any easier!

MP3 Player for uploading all your MP3 files.