Logo Design available as an Upgrade Option

Logo design by Cross Media Pros Logo Design - Starting at $149

We take some basic information about you and your company to find out what you need in a logo and what styles you like. From that conversation we design three different logo options for you to look at and pick certain aspects and features from. That is called the "Rough Draft". (Often times, our clients are happy with one of these and need no further designing.)
We will take the rough draft and your suggested changes and make the alterations two more times if needed. You then receive a "Final Draft". If there are any changes from the final draft, we charge according to the change (it could be as little as $10 or as much as $100 but usually it's an easy change and we charge nothing at all, depending on how difficult the change) As you can probably imagine, unless we set some type of guidelines, there would be no end. Of course from that point we can burn your logo onto a CD or DVD (even email) your logo in the format(s) of your choice.   Click Here to view more logo designs or order just the Logo Design.