Flash Animation available as an Upgrade Option

Animated Flash for a custom experience for your customers.Flash Animation - Starting at $245

A Custom Flash Animated Header will bring your website to life. When you order a custom flash header, we take your logo, photos and a message and make it come to life in the top section (Header) of the site. If we have a layered version of your logo we can make it come together one element at a time, then make some photos fade in or spin in and a message fly in one letter at a time. This can loop continually or just load once and stay still the rest of the time the visito is on that page. For iphone and iPad Users, we always use a fall back graphic that is displayed so they always see your company name and logo even if they don't have the flash player.

Flash Animation is much smoother and more modern looking than the traditional Gif animations you've probably seen over the years. A Flash Header will represent your company with the quality it needs to, so you portray that high level of standards a customer is looking for when making their decision on who to choose.

Example of Standard Flash Header:

Example of Premium Flash Header: