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Select Solutions Cleaning Launches Ceiling Cleaning Responsive Website

"Next Generation Website Up...New Possibilities"
Select Solutions, Inc.

By Hal Graves, Cross Media Pros, Indianapolis, Indiana

Select SolutiSelect Solutions, Inc. logoons, Inc. has for years been noted for being the Penndel and surrounding area's finest commercial acoustical ceiling, wall & light, carpet,  tile and janitorial cleaning company.    They're proud to announce the launching of their new website at .  Designed by Cross Media Pros, Select Solutions, Inc.'s site offers the latest design technology and innovation to better serve their customers and prospects with modern website functionality. 

 Professional web designers all agree that site design is very much different than 10-15 years ago.  Users have become more informed on technology, Google has changed their search engine rankings criteria, mobile phone internet usage has more than doubled and social media outlets have become essential in connecting all company marketing efforts together.  These were the key components that Cross Media Pros integrated while building Select Solutions, Inc.' s new website. 

Cross Media Pros your responsive website design pros Specifically, Select Solutions, Inc.'s site offers technology and capabilities to let their customers and prospects quickly find the information and content they most want.  Cross Media Pros' experts now build all their websites to be "responsive."  Responsive means allowing users to be able to view sites on any sized screen and browser.  This is vital do to the fact that mobile phone users are more and more using the internet for search engine information and site viewing. 

Cross Media Pros coordinate their customer's websites for both desk top and mobile phone browsing.  The content automatically scales to users' monitor sizes, allowing the most important content to be easily seen without the frustration of zooming in and out.

Select Solutions, Inc.'s responsive website screen view 

Using proven SEO techniques, Select Solutions, Inc.'s new website is search engine optimized for Google and other top search engines.

Their site registers all keyword search engine phrases, and as a result puts them at or near the top of Google's first page rankings.  When users want to quickly and easily find information about a company, search engine optimization is imperative.

 Select Solutions, Inc.'s website user engagement graphicsSelect Solutions, Inc.'s new website incorporates "pop off the screen" graphics and colors, along with textual content that provides meaning and information with several "call-to-actions" to engage users. 

And, Select Solutions, Inc. will be able to embed video content directly into their site, as well as link to their Youtube channel with all their videos.  Linking to Youtube and other social media outlets like Facebook, significantly improved Select Solutions, Inc.'s Google rankings after the website was posted.

 Is your current website search engine optimized and mobile phone ready?  If not, visit our Cross Media Pros' website and find out how easy and beneficial  a properly designed website can be. 

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