Video Production Services

Every video production service we off has unique characteristics.  We understand the necessity for understanding different projects and being able to blend solutions into each one.  Cross Media Pros offers a wide range of custom video production services in both standard digital video and HD video.  From Wedding Video Packages, Promotional and Instructional Video Presentations, Dance and Recitals Video Presentations, Web Video -YouTube Video Presentations and other Video Production and Duplication Services to meet all your video needs.

When you need fast and affordable video production contact Cross Media Pros.  Our team of production specialists has over 25 years experience in video production and marketing, so we know how to make your programs look awesome! 


Web Video content is fast becoming the most effective marketing tool on the internet. Visitors find it engaging and will often distribute links to their friends and followers. Search engines are rapidly evolving and promoting video articles in search results. Until recently though, video was restricted to companies with big budgets: but not any longer.  You to can have a professional video on your YouTube channel promoting your business.  Here take a look at this short Video Production that has been loaded to our Cross Media Pros YouTube channel and displayed on our website as well.  Call us today at (877) 313-1715 or email at [email protected] to find out how you to can develope professional looking videos for your YouTube or Website.

Video Production Services For:

  • Wedding Video Packages (HD & Blu Ray)

  • Promotional and Instructional Video Presentations

  • Dance and Recitals Video Presentations

  • Web Video – YouTube Video Presentations

Other Video Production Services

  • Video Production (HD & Blu Ray) – Professional Editing

  • Promotional and Instructional Video to Discs

  • On-location Videographer

  • Photograph Transfers to Disc

  • VHS Video Transfers to Disc

  • Still Photography – Product Shoot in Studio


Wedding Video Production Services:

Cross Media Pros – Wedding Video Packages

Silver Wedding Video Package $995.00

  • 4-hours coverage on the wedding day
  • 2 pictures of couple…invitation…bridal party scroll at start
  • 2-3 DV camera coverage of the ceremony
  • 1 DV camera coverage of the reception plus backup camera
  • Wireless microphone to record the vows
  • 1 copy of the DVD provided featuring one menu screen with scene selection
  • Custom DVD label and custom DVD case
  • Either 4:3 or 16:9 screen size

    ($250.00 non-refundable deposit required to reserve the date)

(Includes Editing Charges)

Gold Wedding Video Package $1495.00

  • 6-hours coverage on the wedding day
  • 25-30 pictures in a photo/music montage to start the video (includes also invitation, bridal party scroll, and church exterior
  • Pre-ceremony coverage of photography session and getting ready
  • 2-3 DV cameral coverage of the ceremony w/wireless microphone
  • 2 DV camera coverage of the reception plus backup camera
    slow-motion recap to music at the end
  • 1 DVD copy provided featuring one menu screen with scene selection
  • Custom DVD label and custom DVD case
  • Either 4:3 or 16:9 screen size

      ($400.00 non-refundable deposit required to reserve the date)

(Includes Editing Charges)

Platinum Wedding Video Package $2295.00

  • 8-hours coverage on the wedding day
  • 25-30 picture photo-music montage to open the video (with invitation, bridal party scroll, and church exterior)
  • Pre-ceremony coverage of photography session and getting ready
  • 2-3 DV camera coverage of the ceremony w/wireless microphone
  • 2-camera coverage of the reception with mixed scenes throughout slow-motion to music recap at the end
  • 3 DVD copies of the wedding video provided with multiple scene selection
  • Custom DVD label and custom DVD case
  • Either 4:3 or 16:9 screen size

Package also includes:

  • A second DVD disc which is an edited highlight version of the wedding day
  • Rehearsal at the church video footage

    ($400.00 non-refundable deposit required to reserve the date)

(Includes Editing Charges)

(HD Blu-Ray Productions Requires an extra $100.00 Per Package)


Web Video – YouTube Video Presentations

Cross Media Pros can provide professional web video content for your website. Internet video has fast become the biggest web development component used.  If you’re not showing your customers web video of your products and services, more than likely your competitors are. 

But, you may be asking “how can we use web video as a marketing tool.”  The easy answer is that you must use web video to educate your viewers.  By educating your viewers, you’ll make them feel good about your business or organization.  You don’t even have to use a video to try to sell anything.  People constantly use the internet to find useful help and information on how to solve a problem.  Business web video can help viewers locate useful knowledge about a subject.  And, your web video is actual proof that a successful turning around of a problem has occurred. 

If you’re product can solve a problem, prospects are more likely to stick around and find out more.  Web video is dynamic because it incorporates interesting components like motion, special effects like slow motion, sound, etc.  Web video is available 24-hours a day with on-demand availability.  Business web video can allow you to market your products and services to prospects around the world. 

Cross Media Pros can develop a free-standing web video for your website, or set-up a YouTube channel that you can link to.  The YouTube video can even be embedded back to your website if you prefer their look.  And, our professional editors can put all your video footage together into a finished marketing tool that will dazzle.


Promotional & Instructional DV and HD Video to Disc

Small to medium sized companies are effectively utilizing promotional and instructional video as part of their marketing strategy.  Company promotional videos are still one of the most effective marketing tools that businesses and organizations can use.  In roughly 6-10 minutes you can highlight almost every aspect of your company, allowing viewers to have a thumbnail understanding of what you do and offer. 

In addition, a promotional video can showcase satisfied customer comments.  Another popular video available through Cross Media Pros is an instructional program.  Here you simply are showing and explaining how to do something so that viewers can understand the concepts of what the product or operations is. 

If your company or organization needs high quality promotional and instructional video programs for distribution on DVD or BluRay discs, contact Cross Media Pros for a free quote. We’ve produced hundreds of promotional videos that can include high quality video footage, professional editing, special effects, professional audio, pictures, text screens, professional narration, and music. 

In the areas of website video and promotional/instructional video, statistics show that people would rather “watch something” than “read something.”  Viewers that have watched a video are motivated to some action about 53% of the time.  This may be trying to get more information, going to a store, or making a purchase.  Video encourages people emotionally in a fashion that print and other materials can’t. 


On-Location Videographer

If you have need for on-location videographer, Cross Media Pros offers coverage for a variety of applications.  These include: business meetings, weddings, sporting events, recruitment videos, school plays and recitals, depositions, birthday and anniversaries, and home inventory.

Single camera and two camera shoots are available.  Speakers can be fitted with a microphone so that the audio is clearly heard on the video.  Finished edited programs can be put on either DVD or HD Blu Ray discs.  Also we can upload videos to your YouTube channel and website.  Editing is available for an additional charge.


Editing your Standard and HD Video

Developing a professional video requires professional editing in order to blend all the necessary components together into a polished final program.  Cross Media Pros can help you bring everything together for both SD and HD programs.  If you need help writing a script our experienced writers can assist you. 

Cross Media Pros’ editors can help you select the appropriate footage, pictures, graphics, visual effects, voice-overs, titling, etc., to help you complete the most effective program available.  Maybe you have older footage that you’d like to include?  Our editors can accept several different video formats.  We’ll offer ample opportunities for you to check and to give us feedback on “how the video looks.”  Completed programs can be burned to DVD or HD Blu Ray discs. 

Let Cross Media Pros help you with you next video.


Professional Voice Narration

If you need professional voice narration for your promotional video, educational video, radio and television commercial, etc., contact Cross Media Pros for our fantastic rates.  Our main narrator has over 35 years experience in radio, television, and professional video production. 


Video Transfer Services

Whether it’s old photographs to disc or VHS videos to disc, Cross Media Pros can help preserve your important memories for a lifetime:


Pictures to Disc Transfer Services

Maybe you have several old photo albums that have stacked up over the years. A simple solution to preserve their quality as well as being able to share the photos with family and friends is to have them captured and transferred to DVD discs.  Cross Media Pros can provide digital enhancements to greatly improve the quality of old prints.  They can actually look better than some of the original photos!


VHS Video Transfers to Disc

If you still have old VHS videotapes that have not been transferred to disc, Cross Media Pro’s can help you preserve these memories to DVD.  Once converted to discs, you’ll have lasting memories for decades to come.  Don’t wait too long; your videotapes will keep deteriorating over time.


Still Photography Services

Everything from business promotional photographs to website photos, Cross Media Pros can provide you just the right photography services.  Our experienced photographers will use their years of creative skills to capture all your important occasions.  If you need digital still photographs for your business, meeting, or event, contact us for a quote.  Photographs are transferred to discs and you can order the prints that you want.


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